Photos of The Pampas of Bolivia

Photos of people and places in the Amazon basin and Pampas region of Bolivia

Bolivia is a culturally and ecologically diverse country with the beautiful Andes mountains and the jungle rainforest of the Amazon basin. This site contains photos and travel tales from July of 2001, when I visited the semi-jungle Pampas region of Bolivia in the Amazon basin. The pampas and jungle are easily reached from Rurrenabaque, a small town on the Rio Beni. The journey into the pampas starts with a 4 hour ride by 4WD over some very rough road, often difficult to pass. Then the journey continues by boat, two hours up the Rio Yacuma. Getting there is great fun, but it's an amazing place once there.

I hope you enjoy my photos of the pampas of Bolivia.

We had a good gang for our Pampas experience. There was Peter and Anna from Poland. And their friend Christopher, a doctor in Poland. Elizabeth and her son Alex are from Sweden. Dorio, the guide, and Lalice, the cook (and a good cook she is) were from Bolivia.
Our camp was far up the Rio Yacuma. This is almost pure wilderness and the wildlife here is absolutely fantastic. This is a Capabara, the largest rodent in the world. This one was about the size of a bear.
As we moved along the Rio Yacuma, we saw two different kinds of monkeys - howlers and these squirrel monkeys. We also saw many alligators, caiman, and many beautiful birds, including Macaws, Toucans, and the Paradise Bird.
Sometimes Dorio would let Alex captain our boat. Alex was a natural, slowing down at all the right places to see the wildlife along the river.
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