Lake Titicaca - Bolivia

Lake Titicaca, Copacabana, and Isla del Sol in Bolivia

Photos and tales of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Although there are higher navigable lakes, Lake Titicaca is widely proclaimed to be the highest navigable lake in the world. It is the second largest lake in South America. The Incans thought it bottomless, but surprise, surprise - it does have a bottom and it's been measured as having the imposing depth of 457m. That's METERS!

I hope you enjoy my photos of Lake Titicaca.

The Totora reeds that grow on the banks of Lake Titicaca have been used for building ships by inhabitants of this region for many centuries. After failing in attempts to cross the South Pacific, Thor Hyerdahl came to Lake Titicaca to hire the expert reed boat builders native to this area. After cutting the reeds, they're dried in the sun for about two weeks, then intricately woven to build their boats.
tatoro reed and 
reed boat near Lake Titicac, Bolivia
Now, very few reed boats are used by the local people. But for now, the craft survives, primarily to display to tourists.
reed boat near 
Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
The view of Lake Titicaca and Copacabana when first coming out of the surrounding hills is beautiful. It's easy to understand why Copacabana is a local retreat for wealthy Bolivians.
a view of 
Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia
Bolivians are very devout and there are many beautiful churches in Bolivia. The cathedral in Copacabana is a strange one. Hints of Byzantine or Asiatic influences I think, but this is not my bag.
the church 
at Copacabana, Bolivia

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