Photos of The Choro Trek in Bolivia

Photos of the Andes, the Choro Trek, Aymara people, Llamas, and the villages of Kusyllunani and Sandillani

Personally, I think the Andes Mountains are some of the most beautiful mountains on earth. And the simple, hard-working people that live there are a pleasure to visit. If you've ever thought you'd be interested in mountain trekking or hiking in general, or trekking in the Andes in particular, I'd encourage you to go. My vacation in Bolivia was one of the most memorable I've had. The winning combination of hiking in the Andes and exploring the Amazon basin is quite simply hard to beat anywhere in the world.

I hope you enjoy my photos of the Andes of Bolivia.

We began the Choro trek by climbing up and over Abra Chucura pass. Our guide had it pegged at 4970m, but Lonely Planet lists it at 4859m. We had a group of good people. Eva and Martin from Germany, and Louiza and Chris from England. There was also (not shown here) Abraham, our guide, and Victor and Jose, our cook and porter. the Choro trek 
gang at abra chucura pass at almost 5000 meters in the andes of bolivia At this altitude, we were above the tree line and snow line in a beautifully stark, lunar-like landscape, nearly able to reach out and touch the clouds.
the lunar like 
landscape at abra chucura pass on the choro trek in the andes of bolivia
Llamas' teeth grow continuously. High in the Andes, a course shrub grows which the Llama chew, helping to control the length of their teeth. Aha! One of the reasons llama are high altitude animals.
llamas on the choro 
trek in the andes of bolivia
Bolivia is all dirt, rocks, poverty, and beautiful scenery. This is a homestead in Achura, high in the Andes. Here, all the homes are made of rock, with thatch rooves.
a homestead in 
Achura, Bolivia on the Choro trek in the Andes
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llamas on the choro 
trek in the andes of bolivia

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