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Photos of people and places around La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz, Bolivia is the highest capital in the world, at almost 4000m in the Andes. Bolivia is a culturally and ecologically diverse country, with 30 different cultural groups, many of which are present in the La Paz area. This site contains photos and travel tales of La Paz and the surrounding area.

I hope you enjoy my photos of Bolivia.

At 4000m La Paz is the highest capital in the world. It sits in a valley high in the Andes surrounded by tall, snow covered mountains. Quite a scenic place. me at el plano, 
Bolivia, overlooking La Paz Bolivia is a culturally diverse country. A great place to people watch is the Plaza de San Francisco in La Paz, with this interesting sculpture. Quieter, and more pleasant is the Plaza de Murillo.
the plaza 
de san francisco in La Paz, Bolivia
Quite a few homeless kids dance and sing in the streets for money. Or outright beg.
a homeless child playing a churango for donations in Sucre, Bolivia
It isn't uncommon to see whole families that eat and sleep on the streets. This poor little girl has no shoes. Indeed, everything she has is right there on her back.
homeless mother and children in La Paz, Bolivia

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